About me

Developer, Researcher, Data nerd, Speaker, Advocate, Community builder

Hello y'all

I am Tania.

I am an expert developer with over a decade of experience, a passion for speaking, teaching, and building healthy, welcoming and inclusive open communities. It is my mission to empower other developers of all backgrounds and experience levels through open-source software.

I also have a track record for getting things done and helping others to succeed. As such, I am an avid mentor and advocate for the open-source, research software engineering and data science communities. I wear way too many hats at the same time, but for now, I am working as a Developer Advocate in Microsoft. I am also a visiting Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute and a Trustee for the Society for Research Software Engineering and the UK Python Association.

I live in beautiful Manchester, UK, where I enjoy doing Olympic weightlifting, drinking craft beer, and reading all the books.

I am available for public speaking, teaching and data science projects mainly for non-profits and open communities. I am also happy to feature in podcasts and write for external blogs and publications. If you’d like me to participate in an event of yours, please make sure to check out my speaker requirements page.

Reach out if you’d like to chat about anything related to open source, data science (machine learning, deep learning, etc.), reproducible science, MLOps and DAtaOps or getting into tech.

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